Faculty: Creating an Inclusive Academic Environment

Students in the audience raising their hands.

How we work

Building a more inclusive tech ecosystem from the university to the workplace

Gender equality in tech starts here.

We want to get more women into tech. To do that we need your help opening the door.

With your innovation and support, we can:

  • design a curriculum that gets them excited about a major in computer science;
  • make it possible for them to walk into their first Introduction to Computer Science course;
  • help them picture themselves belonging and excelling in a career in tech.

Meanwhile, we’re here to support you by:

  • offering grants and other resources to guide your:
    • work on programs that recruit and retain college women
    • curriculum design that increases women’s participation in tech
  • hosting faculty workshops to share best practices.

Join us to ensure that there is gender equality in the next generation of tech.

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