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"Tech is built by and for people. So the question is: Who do we want our future builders to be, and how do we invest in them?”

Judith Spitz she/her
Founder and Executive Director of Break Through Tech, former CIO at Verizon

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Chicago Story

For every obstacle, a resolution

Switching majors from sociology to computer science can be daunting enough, but that wasn't the only challenge Toni Raggs faced in college. In this Their Own Words column, Toni talks through the obstacles they surmounted and shares advice for other students who might be facing the same ones.

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Taguhi Yenokyan’s Journey Towards Discovering a Passion for Machine Learning and Data Science

For Taguhi, it was Break Through Tech AI at UCLA in 2023 that her path became clear and discovered her true calling. 

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DC Story

Announcing Break Through Tech DC at UMD’s 2024 Sprinternship Host Organizations

70 UMD students will be matched with companies for signature micro-internship program.

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